Monday, December 21, 2009

Hiram Grange Reader Chimes in on Killing Zombies

J. Perry, a retired US Army Infantry Master Sergeant sent an email into Shroud Publishing with a unique analysis on the effectiveness of guns against the undead:

"I'm really starting to enjoy the adventures of Hiram. I like the modern noir-urban ambience off set by the humor, as well as the B-movie horror themes presented with a modern sensibility and edge. The dark tone would other wise be depressing, but becomes hilarious when combined with the caricature nature of the plot and the characters. I've laughed out loud, more then once.
The whole concept very much reminds me of the zombie-apocalypse genre which often combines the fictional (and sometimes presented humorously) zombie resurrection phenomena with actual, real-world settings and survival/disaster preparedness skills. One of the topics that comes up often is the use of melee weapons vs. firearms.
Its painfully obvious that Hiram needs, a sword, or a swordsman, or preferably both. That's the problem with terminal ballistics and zombies. You can't rely on hydrostatic shock and temporal cavity damage to down a zombie. Hiram does well to use the beefy, sub-sonic round that he's using for it's kinetic energy transfer. But he really needs a large surface area, edged weapon to quite literally disable/dismember his threat..."
 One of the Hiram authors just may have to include this insight in a future episode of Hiram Grange.

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