Monday, November 16, 2009

Hiram Grange and the Village of the Damned Advance Reviews....

The advance reviews for Hiram Grange and the Village of the Damned are beginning to come in. This one comes from Dave Jeffreys at

"Hiram Grange has a flair and originality that has been missing from contemporary horror fiction for some time. A seamless blend of wickedly dark humour and full-throttle horror, the series begins with great promise. Jake Burrows puts in a sterling performance bringing Grange to life, complete with layers of fallibility that makes even the repugnant elements of the character’s personality endearing in a very creepy way. Burrows leaves the reader wondering if Grange is so flawed he’ll never make it through the 125 pages alive, let alone bring events to any kind of resolution. This notion jacks up the suspense as the battered protagonist staggers from one gore-fest to the next."

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